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João Parahyba invites Marcelo Mariano e Marcos Romera

Celebrating 50 years of career, João Parahyba invites two young 'veterans', Marcelo Mariano on bass and Marcos Romera on piano, for a night of improvisation and pulse. In this unprecedented meeting, he brings unique and classic themes of jazz and Brazilian instrumental music. Marcelo Mariano is today one of the great Brazilian names of the instrument, having recorded and accompanied artists such as Djavan, Diane Reeves, Ivete Sangalo and Ed Motta among others. Marcos Romera is a pianist, arranger and music producer, and performs in various areas of music. He was semifinalist of the VISA Eldorado Prize for Instrumental Music and arranger of the VISA Eldorado Prize. Wrote arrangements for the Symphony Jazz Orchestra, shown at NAMM (Los Angeles) and Montreux Jazz Festival (Switzerland). As a guest, he played with Maria Rita, Billy Cobham and Vera Figueiredo, among others

About João Parahyba

In the late 1960s Parahyba combined the timba with the drumset to create a unique way of playing - Timbatera. In the meantime he founded Trio Mocotó, a group considered as one of the fathers of samba-rock and that toured and recorded with Jorge Ben Jor, Toquinho and Vinícius, also releasing four albums. Still with Mocotó, he recorded a legendary album with Dizzy Gillespie, relaunched in 2010.. Since the 1980s, he became one of the most active Brazilian percussionists, recording and playing with numerous artists such as Ivan Lins, Sivuca, Al Di Meola and Michel Legrand In 1990, he met Serbian producer Suba (Mitar Subotic) whom he became close friends with. From the partnership came his first album, Kyzumba, and also Futuro Primitivo, an experimental project with reprocessed percussion . Parahyba  also recorded in many Suba productions, especially Bebel Gilberto's Tanto Tempo, and São Paulo Confessions.


In 2002, Trio Mocotó made its big comeback, recording two new albums, Samba Rock and Beleza, Beleza, Beleza !, and performing over three hundred concerts in Europe between 2002 and 2006. In 2011, João released its second album, O Samba no Balanço do Jazz by Selo SESC. Mixing its own compositions with Brazilian instrumental standards, the album honors the Brazilian samba-jazz creators of the 50's and 60's (Zimbo Trio, Tamba Trio, João Donato ...). In addition to performing with his instrumental project, João Parahyba accompanies Ivan Lins, Toquinho and MPB4 on the '50 anos de música'  project.