Evandro Lutfi
Executive Producer
Janja Gomes
Sound Engineer
Gabriel Catanzaro

Acting for more than fifteen years as a recording studio and live recordings (Estúdio TUBO). The Estúdio Medusa has undergone extensive expansion and modernization (2014/2015). He has been working for two years with executive production.

Estúdio Medusa was born out of the friendship between the three musicians Gabriel Catanzaro, Janja Gomes and Evandro Lutfi, who played together in the band Fulminantes MCs in the early 2000s. It started with a small space, and now has a complete structure for recording, producing, mixing , mastering and testing. After attending several studios in São Paulo, Gabriel, Janja and Evandro made the decision: "Why do not we set up our own studio?" And they did. Gabriel had the space, Janja the technical experience and Evandro the corporate and organizational experience. The embryo was Estudio TUBO, a small space that occupied part of the backyard of the house of Mr. Francisco, grandfather of Gabriel, with only one room and one technique but that already produced important works. Today with two rooms, a technique and a cabin, the current Medusa also has a kitchen and a pleasant living area. All this in the house in an old house in the region of Vila Romana, in São Paulo.

To promote and disseminate Brazilian musical culture through creative encounters. Provide personalized service, giving the appropriate value to the musician, both personal treatment and equipment. Medusa is a studio created by musicians for musicians.

To have excellence in the market of capturing and producing audio of independent music in Brazil.