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Jairo Pereira's second album, ‘Venha Ver o Sol’, proposes affection as an antidote to hard times.

‘Venha Ver o Sol’ (set 2019), recorded at Estúdio Medusa and produced by Gabriel Catanzaro and Janja Gomes, is the second solo album of “artvist” Jairo Pereira, following ‘Mutum’ in 2017.
There are twelve solar tracks - even those dealing with harsh topics such as depression, patterns imposition and oppression - that bring an awake and attentive eye to the patterns of the relationships and exchanges of daily life. Three of the tracks are poems, a striking feature of Jairo's work.About Jairo Pereira

About Jairo Pereira

Jairo Pereira (43) is an actor, rapper, singer, songwriter and poet. In the music career since 1994, is one of the Aláfia lead singers, a band that has just released its fourth album ‘Liturgia SambaSoul’ (10/2019).
From his experience with music, performing arts and poetry, his solo project was born 4 years ago. Poetic compositions reflect and speak of current society issues and promote social justice in themes such as: social and gender prejudice, religious intolerance, racism, inclusion, love and contemporary relationships.

As an actor, he started n 1996, when he joined UMC (SP) Theater Company “TUMC”, where he performed in plays such as 'Edmond' by David Mamet, directed by Ariella Goldmann (APCA Award). The acting also took him to France, where he toured with director Catherine's Cia Parnas Marnas. His last work on a play was in the “Terror e Miséria no Terceiro Milenio ” (2019), directed by Claudia Schapira. In 20 years as an actor he has also worked on TV, Cinema and advertising

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Is it possible to speak of oppression and love in the same work, with cohesion? Jairo Pereira shows in ‘Mutum’, the first album of his solo project, that yes. The work brings hip hop, jazz, reggae and poetry, linking the various social clashes of presente days (all fights are the same fight: against opression) and showing the importance of affection in our daily lives.


There are 7 tracks featuring artists such as Xênia França, Eduardo Brechó (Aláfia), Laylah Arruda (Feminine HiFi) and saxophonist Vinícius Chagas, among others.

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