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Jairo Pereira, 40, is an actor, rapper, singer, composer and poet. His first artistic contact was acting, in 1996, when joining the Theater Company "TUMC" of the UMC (SP), where he studied. The actor staged plays such as David Mamet's "Edmond," directed by Ariella Goldmann (APCA Award), and was even assistant to the illusionist Issao Imamura on a tour of Angola, Africa. The theater also took him to France, where he toured with Cia Parnas, director Catherine Marnas. For TV and cinema, he has worked in advertising, long and short and serial advertisements and keeps on still today.

He is one of the lead singers of the band Aláfia, that released its third album 'São Paulo Não É Sopa' in 2017. Before that, between 2005 and 2007, he was part of the band Afrodisíakos. Jairo Pareira has published poetry on the Internet since 2003, through blogs and other social networks. In 2015 he began to share his poems through videos on the online channel “Alpiste de Gente”. From 2015 to 2017 more than 100 videos were produced, reaching more than 15,000 followers and 400,000 views in all. By transforming the channel into a real life experience, MutuM was born.


Mutum connects social conflicts and affection


 "Clairvoyance is a virtue that is acquired by intuition but especially by study. It is trying to see from the present what is projected in the future." - Milton Santos.


Is it possible to talk about oppression and love in the same work, with coherence? Jairo Pereira shows in MutuM, the first album of his solo project, that, it is more than possible, it is necessary. The first album released in November 2017, brings a mix of hip hop, jazz, reggae and poetry, making a bridge between the current social conflicts and the importance of affection in our daily life. There are 7 tracks of elaborate production featuring guest artists such as Xênia França and Eduardo Brechó (Aláfia), Laylah Arruda (Feminine HiFi) and the saxophonist Vinícius Chagas, among others. The second album is being now recorded and shall be released by February 2019.

MutuM began as a live performance, and only after two years of maturing, the project went on studio to record. Like the album, the concert follows the path of affection as a transforming agent for our internal prisons and daily clashes. Mixing music and poetry with scenic elements and theatrical performance, the concert engages the audience on a greater experience (not only a musical concert) also through interaction.

The group MutuM is formed by: Jairo Pereira (vocal), Gabriel Catanzaro (bass and vocals), Lucas Cirillo (harmonica), Fábio Leandro (keyboards), Dudu Tavares (guitar), Pedro Bandera (percussion) and Filipe Gomes (drums). The bassist Gabriel Catanzaro is the musical director, who also produced the album.

O Deserto em Nós - MutuM Jairo Pereira
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