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One of the most important names in Brazilian percussion, João Parahyba celebrates his 50 year music career in 2018. By the late 1960s when he was only eighteen years old, he mixed the timba (a Brazilian type of drum with a traditional drum set, creating a whole new way of playing. At the same time he founded Trio Mocotó, a group that accompanied and recorded with Jorge Ben Jor, Toquinho and Vinícius, Chico Buarque among many others, as well as having released four albums and being considered one of the fathers of samba-rock. Also with the Trio in 1973, they recorded a legendary album with Dizzy Gillespie, relaunched in 2010 by Biscoito Fino. From the 1980s onwards he became one of the most active Brazilian percussionists, being part of the band led by César Camargo Mariano in the instrumental project Prisma / Ponte das Estrelas, and recording and playing with numerous artists such as Ivan Lins, Sivuca, Al Di Meola, Michel Legrand, Paul Horn and Seigen Ono just to name a few.

In 1990 he met the Serbian producer Suba (Mitar Subotic) of whom he became a close friend, collaborating intensely until his tragic death in 1999. From that partnership came the first solo album of João Parahyba, Kyzumba, instrumental work full of participations and also the Futuro Primitivo, reprocessed percussion experimental project. Parahyba also recorded in almost all of Suba's productions, especially on Tanto Tempo by Bebel Gilberto and in São Paulo Confessions, an album that remained as his great sonic legacy.

In 2002 the Mocotó Trio makes its big comeback after two decades of inactivity, recording two new albums from this period, Samba Rock and Beleza, Beleza, Beleza!, doing more than three hundred shows in Europe between 2002 and 2006. At the same time Parahyba is invited to participate in the Brasilintime show/documentary, along with Wilson das Neves, Mamão, James Gadson, DJ Nuts, Madlib and Cut Chemist, among others. In 2011 João releases his second album, O Samba no balanço do Jazz, by the Selo SESC label. Mixing his own compositions with brazilian instrumental standards, the album pays tribute to the samba-jazz and bossa nova groups from the 1950s and 60s Brazilians (Zimbo Trio, Tamba Trio, João Donato...). In addition to presenting himself with his instrumental project, João Parahyba accompanies Ivan Lins, Toquinho and MPB4 in the show 50 years of music.

João Parahyba and "O Samba no Balanço do Jazz​"












Released in 2011, by the Selo SESC label, " O Samba no balanço do Jazz " by João Parahyba is a homage and a tribute to groups and artists such as Zimbo Trio, Tamba Trio, Milton Banana, Moacyr Santos and João Donato, among others, founders of what is now known as samba-jazz and that converged for bossa nova and MPB. The album received acclaimed critics from personalities like Carlos Calado, Tárik de Souza and Aquiles Reis (MPB4).

Since then, this project has been transformed into the instrumental group of J. P. presenting itself with varied formations and including new compositions. In the repertoire of the concert, the group travel trough compositions such as Kurukerê, Samba do Braga, the classics Nanã and Sambou, Sambou and  there is also space for some pearls of lesser known composers such as Clare Fischer and Hugo Fatorusso, and special tributes to the geniuses of Brazilian music, like Hermeto Pascoal and Pixinguinha, among others.

João Parahyba Quinteto has: Giba Pinto (bass), Rudy Arnaut (guitar), Ubaldo

Versolato (sax) and Roberto Bertrami (piano) and can be presented in two forms: João Parahyba Quinteto or João Parahyba Quinteto plus a special guest. Among the names for the special participations, subject to availability are: Amilton Godoy (piano), Nailor Proveta (clarinet), Teco Cardoso (saxophone and flute) and Hamilton de Holanda (mandolin).


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